Coming This Thursday: This Year in Assistive Tech for 2012

Each year, there are lots of tech stories that make news for a week or two, and promptly  fade in to oblivion. come join us, in conjunction with Blind Bargains, as we countdown the biggest stories in Assistive Technology for the year that was 2012. Joe Steinkamp is joined by a panel of experts including J.J. Meddaugh, Pratik Patel, Jamie Pauls, Leonie Watson, and Wade Wingler.together they will discuss, debate and disarm you with their opinions of what was, and wasn’t, good about the year we just lived through… No thanks to that whole Mayan calendar thing.

Speaking of which, we’d love to have you join us, but if you can’t, it’s not the end of the world. An archive will be posted on the SeroTalk blog.

The event takes place this Thursday, January 3 at the special time of 2 PM Eastern. Activate this link to take part in the presentation as it happens or replay the archive once the event is over.

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SPN Feedback Special 2

Listen to SPN Feedback Special 2

Wow! You’ve done it again! We had so many iReports from you, our wonderful listeners, that we devoted an entire podcast to you. Although this podcast features iReports exclusively, we enjoy email as well. Feel free to write to us with your thoughts, or leave an iReport via iBlink Radio on your iPhone or Android device.

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Join us for the 2013 Tournament of Roses Parade with Audio Description

The SeroTalk Podcast Network in conjunction with the Los Angeles Radio Reading Service is pleased to once again bring you the Tournament of Roses Parade with audio description. The event begins on January 1 at 11 AM Eastern, 8 AM Pacific, and can be heard live on SPN Radio. If you have iBlink Radio, you can listen right from the front page. Grab a copy of iBlink Radio for your iOS or Android device if you don’t already have it. Finally, if you are a System Access Mobile Network subscriber, you can listen from there as well. If you are not already a subscriber, Visit this link to begin your free trial today. Our thanks go out to the good people at the Los Angeles Radio Reading Service for once again allowing us to bring the parade to you.

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SeroTalk Podcast 135: Chock Full of Christmas Cheer

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 135: Chock Full of Christmas Cheer

On this, our final news-related episode of the year, Jamie, Ricky and Joe settle in to discuss the top stories of the week. Then, Jamie visits with Brian Fishler of Laugh for Sight about Gotham Comedy Radio, a new podcast being launched in conjunction with the SeroTalk Podcast Network.

Listen to Legendary Comedian Robert Klein on the first episode of Gotham Comedy Radio

This is the unedited podcast. The edited version will be coming soon.

Will Kindle E-Books Leave Blind Students Behind?

Amazon, Why Do You Keep Burning Blind Readers?

Amazon Books for All Accessibility Protest

our latest SPN Mobile special: Scratching the Surface with Mike Calvo

An Accessibility Review of the Kindle 3

Kindle Fire: Down in Flames!

podcast 79: What’s Up Happy Rants

Brand new Tech Doctor podcast entitled: Accessible Books

Amazon Instant Video App

Draconis Entertainment Releases Their First Mac Audio Game for the Visually Impaired

FamilyConnect Holiday Guide to Toys, Games, and Gadgets for Children Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

Braille Sonar for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

The must have accessible apps for blind android users

Code Factory releases new mobile Accessibility

Braille typewriters get a digital-era update


Facebook now has a dedicated accessibility page

Facebook voting is gone, but privacy issues just get worse

Google CEO Larry Page talks Apple, Android monetization and an eventual Motorola Nexus device

In bringing Office to iOS, Microsoft is playing a dangerous game

Microsoft Surface vs. Google Nexus: The numbers don’t tell the whole story

Microsoft: Surface Tablet to Debut in Retail Stores Soon

Redbox Challenges Netflix With $6 a Month Streaming Service

The future of television has arrived: it’s called the iPad

Apple Could Acquire Navigation Partner TomTom To Fix Maps [Analyst]

CNET 100


Tape runs out for Sony’s portable cassette recorders

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Serotek presents our 2012 Christmas Concert

Listen to our 2012 Christmas concert

On Thursday, December 13, members of the Serotek team and our SAMNet community met in the music room on the System Access Mobile Network for our annual Christmas concert. What you are about to hear was recorded live. We trust that you will enjoy the songs, humor and words of encouragement that came out of this event.

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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Do you hear what I hear? Well, you will if you join us Thursday evening for the SAMNet annual Christmas concert. If you are performing, please join us in the music room on the System Access Mobile Network. If you would like to attend and you are not performing, then we invite you to listen live via SAMNet radio. We hope to see you there!

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SeroTalk Podcast 134: The Cheese Stands Alone

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 134: The Cheese Stands Alone

Welcome back to another episode of the SeroTalk Podcast. Jamie Pauls, Lisa Salinger and Joe Steinkamp have a lot to discuss this week, so let’s jump right into the stories covered on this episode.

National Federation of the Blind Condemns Amazon’s Push to Put Kindle E-books in Schools

Amazon making Kindle Fire more accessible via voice, touch controls

Blind Bargains: An Apology, and the Announcement of 2011 Blind Bargains Access Award Winners

Window-Eyes 8.0 Now Available!

? iWork for iOS Apps Updated with Improved Accessibility

iPhone VoiceOver Function For People With Disabilities

iPhone vs. Android: One Year Later | Joe Orozco

The advantages of owning an iPad

Tim Cook Explains The Biggest Changes He’s Made To Apple After Steve Jobs

Apple to begin manufacturing some Macs in the U.S.

T-Mobile CEO: Our iPhone experience will be ‘dramatically different’

T-Mobile to end smartphone subsidies next year

Surface sales may exceed 1M in Q4, says researcher

Microsoft’s Android bashing campaign goes down in flames as #WindowsRage trends

Why don’t computer users take passwords seriously?

Twitter SMS bug lets hackers tweet via other users’ accounts

The skinny on Netflix-Disney deal (FAQ)


Apple Promises To Fix iOS 6 Maps For Christmas By Physically Altering Planet Earth [Humor]

Building a sensitive robot, and perhaps a future politician?

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SeroSpectives: This Month in Tech for November

Listen to This Month in Tech for November

Replay the Accessible Event archive of the program


Windows 8: 4 Million Sold in First 3 Days

Windows 8/RT touch interface confuses, frustrates early users

SPN Special: Windows 8

Microsoft confirms Windows Live Messenger retirement in favor of Skype

Why Microsoft’s Tablet Can’t Fail

Windows RT 32GB tablets actually only have 16GB of usable space nullifying storage cost advantage over iPad


iPad mini and iPad 4: Apple has muddied the waters

iPad Mini review:  The perfect size, but at a price

4th Gen iPad’s A6X Processor Makes It More Than Twice As Fast As Its Predecessor

Third-gen iPad owners: does the fourth-gen iPad irk you?

Apple releases iTunes 11 with “dramatically simplified user interface


SPN Mobile Special: Scratching the Surface with Mike Calvo

Meet Android 4.2

Access Tech

ACB Radio Tuner Version 7 has been published

NBBA 2012 World Series Championship Game Audio

Syntellia raises $900K for its Fleksy keyboard, headed to more platforms

Barnes and Noble’s iPhone App Gets VoiceOver And Zoom Accessibility

Everything you ever wanted to know about iMessage – in a braille booklet


2012 SPN Holiday Review Special

Contacting Our Guests

Send an email to Myrna Votta

Follow Shane Jackson on Twitter

Send an email to Shane Jackson

Follow Lisa Salinger on Twitter

Follow SeroSpectives on Twitter


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High Contrast Episode 6: Recalculate

Show Notes for High Contrast 6


Listen to High Contrast Episode 6: Recalculate


The gang returns with more iOS6 and iPhone 5 experience under their collective belts and they give their pre iOS 6.01 thoughts on the state of affairs in the first portion of this episode. Then, Maurie begins her initial steps on what will be an amazing journey for her. Hear her story, and another Low Vision app suggestion, in our sixth show!

4s, 5, 6 And More

Before we get started, check out this very funny SNL sketch about iPhone 5 Tech pundants

iPhone 5 review: Newest Apple smartphone blends beauty, versatility

Finally, the iPhone we’ve always wanted

So-so Maps mar otherwise stellar upgrade

Blind Bargains: What’s new in iOS 6 from an Accessibility Perspective

SPN Special: Mobile Devices

SPN Mobile Devices Special 2: Scratching The Surface With Mike Calvo

iOS 6 VoiceOver with Maps, Zoom and Assistive Touch

A First Look at VoiceOver in iOS 6

iOS 6: Accessibility gets a boost

Some additional iOS6 links from Flying Blind LLC’s “Top Tech Tidbits”

This Lifehacker post is entitled, “Top 10 Secret Features of iOS 6?

This site calls itself “The definitive guide to Apple’s iOS 6 software features for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad”

AppleVis Extra No. 3: Conference Call Discussion of iOS 6

Link to  eBook version of the iOS6 manual, readable only on an i-device.

Maurie’s journey: Maurie Begins Her Experience  In Stargardt  Stem Cell Trial

High Contrast’s Maurie Hill has started on a path to explore options in vision restoration that many may have read about. She bravely tells her story with us on the podcast and has offered to provide us with updates as she continues her journey.

DISCLAIMER:  Maurie is a stockholder in Advanced Cell Technology (ACT), sponsor of this trial. Also, Maurie notes, “ I’m not a doctor or scientist, but I’ll answer questions as best I can.”

Ricki Lewis’s article about stem cells and Maurie’s trial involvement:


For more information,be sure to check out Maurie’s posts on the Ai Squared Zoomed In Blog

Follow the Eye

Summer Survival and My Six Week Trial Checkup

Do You See What I See?

I’m in the ACT Stem Cell Trial for Stargardt Disease!

App Review: You Don’t Know Jack For iOS

Note: This app is being updated and will be back on the iTunes store soon!

Remember that wacky trivia game with the odd pop culture jokes mixed in with really strange questions about history, math and the human body in a game show like format for the PC and mac circa mid 90’s? No? Well, if you do, the gang at jellyvision has rebooted “You Don’t Know Jack” for a whole new age. The humor is still slightly off, the questions are still nerve-racking but the game hasn’t lost a step from what you played years ago. Joe checks out the game for iPad and he mentions the good and the bad in his review. 

How can you find out what our hosts are up to outside the podcast?

Follow Maurie Hill on Twitter

Check out Maurie’s writing on the AI Squared Zoomed In Blog

Follow Rodney Edgar on Twitter

Check out Rodney on the Tech Access Weekly Blog and Podcast

Follow Jeremy Curry on Twitter

You can also check out GW Micro on Twitter.

Feel free to send your feedback on this show to You can always find the latest on this show and others on the SeroTalk Podcast Network using iBlink Radio for your iOS device or your Android device. You can even leave us an iReport right from the iBlink app.

Thanks for listening!



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Coming This Thursday: This Month in Tech for November, 2012

Join the SeroSpectives team and their panel of experts for our November edition of This month in Tech beginning this Thursday, December 6, at 9 PM Eastern live on Accessible Event. If you are unable to participate in the show as it happens, you can always replay the Accessible Event archive later.

You never quite know what is going to happen during the program, , so join us live if you can.

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