This Month in Access Tech, January 2011

Our Guests

  1. Rodney and Erin Edgar: Hosts of the Tech Access Weekly Podcast
  2. NFB Blind Driver Challenge

  3. NFB Blind Driver Challenge
  4. NFB Blind Driver Challenge Press Conference
  5. ATIA 2011

  6. ATIA Interviews from
  7. Acapela speech coming to some of HumanWare's products including the Victor Reader Stream
  8. Bookshare announces Read2Go App: DAISY reader for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
  9. iPhone

  10. AI Squared Publishes More Info on ZoomReader OCR for iPhone 4
  11. SeroTalk iPhone Apps Tech Chat Page
  12. Verizon iPhone FAQ updated with full retail prices: 649 16GB 749 32GB
  13. Verizon iPhone to use existing plans, similar to AT&T
  14. Verizon to keep unlimited data plan for iPhone
  15. Verizon to offer iPhone 4 with $20 hotspot tethering plan with 2GB Per Month
  16. Apple to add Wi-Fi hotspot to GSM iPhone with iOS 4.3
  17. Verizon will sell Apple's iPad with integrated CDMA
  18. difference between Verizon and AT&T's iPhone networks
  19. Apple follows AT&T, drops official US iPhone 3GS price to $49
  20. AT&T quietly offers unlimited data to potential Verizon iPhone switchers
  21. AT&T quietly revises data plans to allow some customers to switch back to unlimited data
  22. Garmin Brings Turn-by-Turn Navigation to iPhone with New $39.95 StreetPilot App
  23. Other Apple Shtuff

  24. Apple relaxing repair policy for iPods with triggered liquid sensors
  25. Demo on how to use YoruFukurou, an advanced, accessible Mac twitter client
  26. Skype 5.0 for Mac released with UI tweaks
  27. Google

  28. eyesfree accessible on-screen keyboard for Android
  29. New Chrome OS may include ChromeVox ScreenReader
  30. Music

  31. Hope for Pandora $10
  32. Music Site with 75 Million songs and Music Videos, in 26 languages
  33. NVDA

  34. NVDA needs your help to continue beyond July 2011
  35. Accessible Devices Podcast 17: Interview with Jamie Teh on the Future of the NVDA Screen Reader
  36. NVDA 2011.1beta1 released
  37. Kindle for the PC

  38. Amazon releases accessible Kindle for PC software, all 750,000+ Kindle books work with your screen reader
  39. Email Amazon with feedback on accessible Kindle software
  40. Full help including keyboard commands for the Accessible Kindle PC app
  41. Games

  42. Scared of the dark: a look at the audio game Papa Sangre
  43. Top Speed 3
  44. Accessibility

  45. Canadian Blind woman's website victory to be appealed
  46. U.S. Federal Appeals Court Upholds Blind Woman's Right to Use Technology to Take Professional Examinations
  47. FCC proposes new rules for 18-month Deaf-Blind Program, seeks comment
  48. Miscelaneous

  49. Service Animals go High Tech. Dogs Guided Remotely by Stealth System
  50. Woman's Voice Restored After Larynx Transplant
  51. Get Answers from Neo Julie at
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  56. Download iBlink Radio, Free App for the iPhone, with Radio Stations and Podcasts Created by the blind, Plus Radio Information Service Audio
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