Our Guests:

  1. J.J. Meddaugh with
  2. Jamie Pauls, Host of ACB Radio's Main Menu
  3. Randy Rusnak, Co-host and Producer of the Accessible Devices Podcast
  4. Advocacy

  5. 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act passes
  6. Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act
  7. eBay Launches New Help Section for the Blind and Visually Impaired, partners with NFB for entrepreneurs
  8. Structured Negotiations

  9. Major League Baseball accessibility improvements to
  10. Accessible Credit Reports
  11. Web Accessibility, Structured Negotiations and DOJ Rulemaking
  12. New US Talking ATM Regulations Now Online
  13. Federal Appeals Court Victory For Blind Movie Goers
  14. Best Buy Agrees To Install Tactile Point Of Sale Systems
  15. NFB

  16. NFB's blind driver challenge
  17. Blio for PC released: Does not Support Screen-Readers
  18. Innovations

  19. En-vision Releases I.D. Mate Summit
  20. Directions for Me accessible Product Directions
  21. RFB&D ReadHear Player for Mac and Windows
  22. Vinux 3.0 Including Updated Accessible Linux Packages
  23. Thermoworks instant Read Talking Thermometer
  24. Solo V2 Fully Voicing Blood Glucose Meter
  25. Dice iTR-100A AM-FM-HD Radio with Talking Menus
  26. Ocean Blue Talking Settop Tv Boxes for UK Residents
  27. V I Scientific LTD VisionHunt Color Identifier, Light Probe, and Currency identifier
  28. VI Fit Project Brings Accessible Bowling, Tennis Games Similar to Nintendo WII
  29. Dancing Dots Offers Interactive Music Stand
  30. Miscellaneous

  31. CSUN Offers First Masters Degree in Assistive Technology
  32. AFB Announces New AccessWorld Editor
  33. Blind Gamer Beats Zelda
  34. Blind Bargains Classifieds
  35. Verizon Says No Unlimited Data Plans with LTE
  36. Microsoft

  37. Microsoft openly omits accessibility from Windows Phone 7
  38. Windows 7 Sells 240 Million Copies
  39. Microsoft Office 365
  40. Tech Chat 64 On Microsoft Office 2010
  41. Serotek In 2010

  42. iBlink Radio Version 2.0 with Even More Content, favorites, Push Notification, Localized Content and More!
  43. iBlink Radio Lands On iTunes App Store Front Page
  44. DocuScan Plus May Change How We Do OCR
  45. AE Hotspot for Accessible Event
  46. Serotek Launches Build-a-Bundle, New System Access Packages Starting at $9.95 per month
  47. BBC Ouch! Lists SeroTalk In Their Top 5 Accessibility Technology Podcasts
  48. Accessible Media Players

  49. Amazon Kindle 3 released with some accessibility, more needed
  50. Amazon Jumps On E-Book Lending Bandwagon
  51. APH releases Bookport Plus
  52. Milestone 312 DTB Player Launches in USA
  53. BookSense DS Released
  54. BookSense Buddy
  55. Plextalk Pocket new Wireless Features
  56. Humanware offers a $49 software add-on for the Victor Reader Stream
  57. Smartphones

  58. Torsten Brand, Nuance Product Manager for Talks and Zooms, Dies at 47
  59. Nuance Releases Talks for Windows Mobile Phones
  60. Mobile Speak 4 and Mobile Geo 2 released
  61. Sendero GPS 2010
  62. Sendero PC Maps
  63. Wayfinder Access discontinued
  64. Samsung Haven low-cost accessible phone
  65. Humanware Releases Trekker 3.1 with Improved Accuracy, then Later discontinues product
  66. Oratio finally released, but supporting only one phone
  67. KNFB Reader 6.4 Free Upgrade: Speaks Colors, glare detection, tilt feedback, Export Text to Notes
  68. iPhone 4

  69. Tech Chat 66 Is The iPhone 4 Worth The Upgrade?
  70. Tech Chat 74 On Latest And Greatest iPhone Apps as of October 2010
  71. Digit-Eyes $30 bar code app released for iOS
  72. Sendero releases iPhone app
  73. Solona Offers Tactile Screen Protectors for Apple Products
  74. Apple iPad

  75. iPad Show Notes From Tech Chat 61
  76. Apple iPad Page
  77. Apple TV

  78. Apple TV Includes VoiceOver
  79. Listen and Learn Recordings Demo of Setting Up VoiceOver on apple TV
  80. Google

  81. Eyes-free project offers Android improvements including Intersection Explorer and WalkyTalky but sends mixed signals on access
  82. Google hangs up on GOOG-411
  83. Tech Chat 82 On Google Android Accessibility
  84. Google Slaps People With Disabilities In The Face
  85. Video Magnifiers

  86. SenseView DESKTOP D650
  87. Humanware 360 Video Magnifier
  88. Tech Chat 69 Hand Held and Portable Video Magnifiers
  89. Tech Chat 73 Video Magnifiers Part II
  90. A T Industry News

  91. Hims sets up U.S> office, dumps GW Micro
  92. Freedom Scientific Denied multiple appeals in Ongoing Place Marker Patent
  93. Freedom Scientific Sues Foundation for Blind Children, Plus U.S. Government
  94. Note Takers

  95. Freedom Scientific Releases PAC Mate Omni 6.5 and Reduces PAC Mate price by $900
  96. Latest Icon Release includes PDF Creation, Printing, Epub, and Dis-Satisfied Customers
  97. Screen Readers

  98. NVDA 2010.2 Improves Flash, Firefox, Object Navigation, and More
  99. Jaws 12 released with support for Grade 2 braille entry for Select Displays
  100. Braille Displays

  101. Seika 80 and Seika Bluetooth imported to U.S.
  102. ViewPlus demonstrates the EmFuse embosser
  103. Enabling Technologies Rebirths the TranScend
  104. Ninepoint Offers Cebra, a Braille Display that Comes in Pieces
  105. HandyTech to Release Active Braille 40-cell Braille Display
  106. Industrial-strength Braille Labeler from Enabling Technologies
  107. OCR Hardware

  108. ABiSee Releases Mac OCR Software
  109. Pearl portable camera solution Released
  110. EVAS Introduces MIS Fast All-in-one OCR Solution
  111. Guerilla's Netbook OCR Solution
  112. MagniLink Go Reads, and Magnifies
  113. HandyTech releases iRead
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