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DocuScan Plus for Mac

  1. Help Documentation for Using DocuScan Plus for Mac
  2. Audio Demo: Using DocuScan Plus on the Mac
  3. Audio Apps for the Mac

  4. AirFoil Application to send audio to remote speakers attached to your AirPort Express, $25.
  5. Amadeus Lite Intuitive and powerful Wav and MP3 editor, $24.95.
  6. Amadeus Pro Powerful multitrack audio editor supporting a variety of formats, $40.
  7. Audacity Free Audio Editor for WAV, AIFF, and MP3 files.
  8. Audio HiJack Pro Record and enhance any application's audio, from internet streams to DVD audio, $32.
  9. Pulsar Player for XM and Sirius Radio, $20.
  10. Carbon copy cloner free backup/cloning utility
  11. super Duper easy to use Backup software
  12. Cocktail 4.9.1 - General maintenance and optimization utility
  13. Communications

  14. Adium Multiple-protocol instant-messaging client
  15. Skype 5.1 Audio Video chat
  16. FileZilla FTP Client and Server
  17. Transmit FTP
  18. Bean Small, easy-to-use free word processor
  19. Open Office, mostly but not totally accessible
  20. Flip for Mac Windows Media Via Quicktime or Safari Browser
  21. Tweetings for Twitter, Twitter application
  22. Entertainment

  23. Easy Ring Tone Creator for your iPhone
  24. FirePlace Sounds and visuals of a Fire Place on your screen
  25. Yelling Robot gets you back on task by yelling phrases at you at customized time intervals
  26. Miscelaneous

  27. ShortCuts For Mac, lists Application and Finder ShortCuts
  28. Translator with Voice, translate among various languages with voiced translation
  29. Music

  30. White Noise various sounds including ocean, train, cars, wind
  31. Relax, over 80 minutes of relaxing melody's and nature sounds
  32. Berceuse puts iTunes to sleep and shuts down Mac etc after certain interval
  33. Garage Band, play and create music and podcasts
  34. SleepyTime, go to sleep to music and audio books, and wake up with iTunes
  35. News

  36. Headlines, simple to use RSS reader
  37. Mashable delivers content from
  38. Productivity

  39. Narrator lets you add the Mac built-in speech voices to a document to create various characters for a meeting or story
  40. News Anchor clever RSS reader using built-in speech voices to read RSS feeds with ability to send to iTunes or create standard MP3 files
  41. Numbers, Apple's Spreadsheet application
  42. Pages, Apple's advanced word processor
  43. Read4me, Enhanced text editor with builtin voices to read out text or send to audio file
  44. SimplyRec, record and monitor to a file
  45. Store News lets you check the best deals on the Mac App Store
  46. Utilities

  47. Audiobook Binder, convert your audiobooks from MP3 format to iPod compatible M4B format
  48. Baby proof, make your machine toddler-proof when using your Skype application or watching a video
  49. Contact Cleaner, analyze and fix various issues with your Address Book and Apple Sync
  50. Export Address Book, lets you Export your address book to a data file
  51. iAlarm, wake up alarm with several options such as play iTunes, U.s. weather, beep and play podcast
  52. iZip, archive utility for several archive formats including RAR
  53. Keeper - password manager and data vault, keep all your passwords and data such as credit numbers secure, on the cloud, and synced with your iPhone, touch or iPad. Use Keeper for iOS to sync across Mac/Devices
  54. MoveAddict, adds cut/paste to the Finder
  55. PwGenerator, lets you Generate your own passwords
  56. Short URL, lets you Shorten long URL's for Twitter, FaceBook
  57. RightMouseClick, adds convert to Mp3 file option to the context menu to convert several audio formats to mp3
  58. Scientific calculator, type your calculation in to the edit field, and copy and paste the result to another application/file
  59. Song Announcer, hear track playing plus artist name when changing tracks via the Apple remote or the FN hardware keys F7 (Previous track), F8 (play/pause current track), and F9 (next track)
  60. StuffIt Expander, unarchive utility for multiple archive formats
  61. Universal Time, check the time in major cities
  62. VirusBarrier Express, antivirus and anti malware utility
  63. XMart Volume, automatically alter your headphone volume when someone speaks to you
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  68. DocuScan Plus Afordable and Powerful OCR Solution
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