Frequently asked questions

>Q: What is Accessible Event?

A: Accessible Event is a service which allows a presenter to accessibly push content to blind, deaf, and deaf-blind individuals logging in through a web browser on a computer or portable device.

Q: Where can Accessible Event be used?

A: Accessible Event can be used anywhere there is an internet connection, such as a corporate boardroom, school or university classroom, or even from a presenter’s home.

Q: What kind of content can be shared using Accessible Event?

A: Accessible Event will render Microsoft Word and Excel documents, as well as PowerPoint slideshows and web pages accessible.

Q: How is content rendered accessible, and do meeting attendees need to install any special accessibility tools to view the content?

A: Accessible Event renders content in HTML format and delivers it to an attendee’s web browser. An attendee may then use the assistive technology currently installed on the computer or portable device from which he logs in to view the content.

Q: As a presenter, how will I communicate with my audience?

A: A presenter’s audio, and video where available, will be transmitted to meeting attendees. In addition, a captioner may attend the meeting and provide real-time captioning to anyone who wishes to view it.

Q: As a presenter, do I need to install any software to make Accessible Event work?

A: No. As a presenter, you will be asked to download a small piece of software which will run in the background when executed. Launch the software when you are ready to begin the meeting, and Accessible Event will begin streaming your audio and/or video to attendees. It will also stream your presentation content, such as a Word or PowerPoint document, as soon as such material has focus on your computer.

Q: As an attendee, can I communicate with my presenter during an Accessible Event presentation?

A: Yes. Accessible Event offers the option to ask a question via text or audio/video. When an attendee asks a question, a presenter can choose to accept or discard the question. If the question is accepted, it will be displayed to the presenter and all attendees.

Q: I am a presenter who typically uses WebX, Connect, Go To Meeting, or another similar service. Do I need to replace my existing service with Accessible Event to avoid software conflicts?

A: No. Accessible Event will run concurrently with the software used by other virtual meeting services. Attendees who do not need assistive technology may continue to log in to the standard presentation and remain unaware of Accessible Event. Those who wish to view a presenter’s content accessibly may log in to the Accessible Event and participate in the exact same presentation.

Q: Where can I learn more technical details about how Accessible Event works?

A: To gain more in-depth knowledge about how Accessible Event works, you may view the Accessible Event user's guide.

Q: I’m ready to begin hosting accessible events. How much does Accessible Event cost and how can I purchase it?

A: Accessible Event is available on a per incident basis, and day passes are also an option. Additionally, monthly and yearly subscriptions may be purchased, and a private enterprise Accessible Event server may also be purchased. For more information, please see the Accessible Event purchase page.